Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New Year.

Enjoy 2015, it’s going to be amazing.



Today was my last day of work ’til next year
That’s what I like to say
It sounds really good when you put it like that
But really it’s two days away.

2014 has gone by in a blur
The days have gone by so fast
And in just over twenty four hours
The year is a thing of the past.

What does 2015 have in store?
It’s got to be great from the start
It’s too easy to dwell on what’s gone before
As though you and it don’t want to part.

So 2015 will be awesome
And contain the things that I crave
Like a new job, good luck, a lottery win
And not slicing my face when I shave.

I want to cook marvelous dishes
And entertain people with jokes
I want to do lots of excellent things
And crack more eggs with two yolks.

I want to realise a dream
Just any, I won’t be too picky
And I want to discover, for the first time ever
A post-it note that will remain sticky.

2015 is the year this will happen
If I believe it, it will be true
I want awesome things to happen for me
And I’d like the same thing for you.

Bin Icy

It snowed a bit, the other night. Not a huge amount but enough to act as a mild inconvenience for the following few days.

And as is the way with these things, the sun came out the following day and set the snow to melting.

But, due to the time of year, the sun – even if it shone all day – couldn’t make a huge impact on the snow. After all, a day lasts for just a few short hours at the height of December. And so, as the sun set, the meltwater began to freeze creating an icy death trap.

Rinse and repeat that for a couple of days and you get to today. A day when I count myself among the lucky few who get to turn our backs on our families and any sort of festive cheer by heading back to work.

I ventured out this morning in the cold, frosty air and managed to make it to the bus stop with minimal slippage.

But coming home we’d been through another melt and freeze cycle.

And quite a good one at that. Pavements held an air of a frictionless environment. Getting off the bus, for instance, was like stepping from a sokid, gripoy environment onto a well-greased baking sheet – very little chance of sticking but even then you could still find the odd spot to cling to.

When I got to our street you could see great swathes of icy pavement. Places where you just knew that grip would be at a minimum.

And the whole thing was made harder by the fact that everyone seems to have their bins out. Their bins, incidentally, which carry a label joyfully pointing out that there isn’t a bin collection for three more weeks. A label which may as well say we’re about to be eaten by baboons, for all the notice anyobe paid.

The last thing you want, while negotiating slippy footpaths, is to have to squeeze last a multitude of recying bins on your way to or from your destination.


I really do like leftovers
Food once warm, now cold
I’d eat leftovers every day
If only I could be so bold.

On Christmas Day as we sat down to lunch
I was already planning my tea
Cold turkey, some stuffing, a sausage or two
That sort of thing pleases me.

And now here we are, several days on
And the leftovers have been going strong
But we’ve reached a point where they’re running out
I fear they’ll be gobe before long.

The best bit of Christmas by far
The leftovers are really just great
I’m writing this blog just after tea
When I piled cold meat on my plate.

Some people get bored of the stuff
And want to have other food for their tea
Those people are fine, I’m sure that they are
But they don’t hold any sway with me.


Tonight’s blog is late
And I’m sorry for that
But I’ve spent the night
In a winner’s hat.

Eight games we played
At five I was best
Daniel and Carole
Picked up the rest.

Ticket To Ride
A game I don’t win
So I brought my A-game
Out for a spin.

Slamming down trains
Claiming those routes
Leaving the others
Eating dust from my boots.

And Takenoko, the gardener’s dream
A run of bad luck I have had
But three gamss on the bounce
Were mine to be had.

Maybe this is the start
Of a much better year
But it’s probably not
And will all end here.