Deja Vu’ve Been Framed

ITV have, for quite a while, filled a couple of hours on ITV2 with back-to-back episodes of You’ve Been Framed.

Not new ones, obviously. Just the old ones, and the old “specials” in a sort of cycle.

You can watch for about a fortnight and by then you have seen EVERY clip in the You’ve Been Framed vault. Including the ones that are so old they fuzz out the dates to fool you into thinking they mught be new. But there are clues to the age of the clips – horse drawn carts, for example, and no amount of fuzziness can hide the age of the hilarious clip when that Victorian gentleman gets his fob watch caught in a Spinning Jenny.

Tonight, though, reached a new peak in the slightly over-used clips game. Practically all of the second episode featured in the “next generation” special which followed it. With the exact same commentary or musical score.

I mean I know it’s buried away on ITV2 as a bit of a filler and a distraction for the millenials who are getting in the drinks so they’re suitably drunk for when Love Island comes on, but even so… Showing the same show, more or less, in two adjoining time slots with no apology is a bit cheeky. Almost as though the afternoon programming is a YouTube playlist on a randomised shuffle.

I mean this is why they have to make it clear in the terms and conditions that your £250 payment for use of the clip is strictly a one-off. Tonight there are kids and parents who could have been £500 better off in the space of an hour, possibly more but I wasn’t paying that much attention to the first episode.

You’ve Been Framed should come with a Men In Black style mind wipe before each show.

Maybe that’s what Love Island is for.