Reading The Shows

You know when you get into reading a series of books and then you can’t get hold of one and it’s really frustrating. Even though you don’t need to read them in order as they don’t tie in other than to introduce the next book at the end of each one.

Yeah, that.

Now, this is not to say I can’t get the book. I could, if I wanted to spend thirty quid on a paperback from the 1930s, rather thab the 3-4 pounds of Kindle money.

Welcome, my friends, to the world of Perry Mason.

I thought I’d read the books and try them out. And I enjoy them. Well, the two of them I’ve read.

Because the third one is where everything comes crashing down.

The Kindle versions seem to exist for every case for the legal eagle aside from the third one. For me, at the moment, there is no case of the lucky legs. All I have is a tantalising hint involving a picture of a girl in a short skirt with long legs and a telegram from a mysterious woman, received at the end of the Case Of The Sulky Girl (true fact).

And without a thirty quid outlay, no way to enjoy it.

I could, I suppose, leap straight to the Case Of The Howling Dog but it feels naughty. Like I’m cheating somehow. Although Howling Dog was the first story adapted as a film so maybe there is some precident there, somewhere. If I can live with myself.

Still, at least we’re doing better than The Saint, the adventures of Simon Templar, which start with book 2.

Maybe I’ll have to go back to Lovejoy and see how many women he’s punching for no real reason whatsoever. Other than that literature Lovejoy is a twat, rather than the loveable rogue television led us to believe.

I suppose I could try the library but with all the funding cuts they’re more likely to be the ones selling the Perry Mason books at thirty quid a chuck than letting anyone borrow them…