It’s About Timey-Wimey

The new Doctor was announced today.

And with little-to-no actual surprise they have cast in a woman in the role for the first time. Because Joanna Lumley for Comic Relief does not count.

Of course, people are up in arms. But then, that’s what people do, isn’t it?

For me, I’m not fussed. Male Doctor or female Doctor, it matters not. What matters is the stories that are told around The Doctor. The mythology of the show is such that people speak of The Doctor without knowing of who they speak. A character to be feared. It’s the idea of the Doctor, more than the current form of said Doctor.

But hey, haters gonna hate and all that jazz. People have decided it will kill the show dead. People have decided she’s not a good enough actress to pull off the role.

Much like when Matt Smith was cast to follow David Tennant. And look how well that turned out. Or when Catherine Tate came back to be a full series companion. That was a bad thing as well. Except it wasn’t.

You know what, roll on Christmas I say. And then roll on whenever the new series starts.

The Doctor is in.