It’s All Geek To Me

It’s always a little disconcerting to be having a wee next to Thor.

That can only mean one thing – Manchester Comic Con.

We were back at the Manchester Comic Con after an aborted attempt to go last year as one of Carole’s friends rather cruelly decided to have a baby shower on the same day, and it was as much fun as ever. Although I do feel that having done the London one in October last year we have kind of ruined Manchester a little bit – Manchester Comic Con just feels more cramped because the venue is nowhere near the size of Excel, obviously.

But having said that, it was still pretty darn good.

And it was another year in which Carole went round insisting that we go in costume next time – my suggestion of getting myself a spandex suit and going as a middle-aged portly Spider-man (cunningly called Wider-man) didn’t go down all that well, so I get it will be back to the drawing board. I don’t think, though, that I’ll ever top my stellar idea of us both dressing the same and going as Jedward Scissorhands, especially since Jedward keep popping up in Sharknado – that makes them legitimate nerd fodder.

We play a game, on the way to Comic Con, much like when you are going to the seaside. The first person to spot someone who is definitely going wins. I sat next to Beast from X-Men on the train, while Ash from Pokémon and Lightning from Final Fantasy sat across the aisle. So I’m pretty sure I won.

Not that the train was all fun and games. There was a guy on the train, let’s call him Flared-Trousers McKnowItAll for no specific reasons, who just wouldn’t shut the fuck up. All the way there he was spouting absolute bullshit in tandem with the passenger opposite about almost everything – the amount of tickets sold for Comic Con, the queuing times if you don’t have a ticket, various comic book characters old and new versions, and how proud he was to have failed two degrees.

Probably not as proud as his parents.

The thing is, you sort of wanted to apologise to all the Muggles on the train. To go up to them and say, “even though this man is clearly going to the same place that we…” pointing to Beast, Ash Ketchum et al, “… are going, he doesn’t speak for us. He is not the voice of our people. Pay him no heed. Especially at that bit when he decided that spiders who lived both outdoors and in houses were amphibious. That was just pure unadulterated arseholery. We sincerely apologise for any discomfort you ears may have suffered in these tricky times.”