About Me

Hi, my name is Jacob Chinchen but everyone calls me Jake. I’m 33 and live in Huddersfield with my girlfriend Carole and our cat, Pumpkin.

This blog, which I started in early 2010, is a place for me to jot down my day-to-day observations. In 2011, I started to write a blog-a-day – something that’s far more challenging than I thought it would be, I can tell you.

Away from this blog, I write for Ready Up, a gaming website packed with blogs, features and reviews and I’m currently trying to get my children’s short story, The Itchy Witch, published. I’m also in the middle of a journalism course. 

When I’m not writing, I’m a big fan of film and tv. And I love comedy – I’m a massive fan of more stand-ups than I can list here and love to listen to a bit of quality Radio 4 comedy which, in a happy coincidence, happens to feature a lot of my favourite stand-ups as well.


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